Writing with Ann

Business owners out there. Here is the Number One secret weapon you have and don’t know it.

Your secret weapon is YOUR CLIENT. Even if you are just starting out and can count your clients on the fingers of one hand they are still your most precious resource. Why? Because you can learn from them and pass that learning on.

Ask yourself, what is the most important thing you offer your clients? Once you have an answer check it out with them, you may be surprised that what they value from your offering is not exactly what you had in mind.

Go with your clients’ views, after all they are paying you! Write down exactly what you offer and what your clients value about it, how it improves their lives and why they are prepared to part with their hard earned cash to get it.

Congratulations, you have written the first part of Your Book for Business.

Want help on the next bit?  Call me for a half an hour coaching session on how to use influencers in your niche to showcase YOUR expertise.

Posted 358 weeks ago

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