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There is a myth going around that writing a book is some sort of supercharged business card. You will often find companies selling write book quick pushing this idea. Well, let me tell you IT IS NOT TRUE.

The argument goes like this. Don’t worry if you don’t know very much, come to use and we will produce a book for you and you will look good and grow your business.

It doesn’t work like this. To write a book which gives you business traction you need to be good at what you do. You need knowledge, expertise, an up to date understanding of your field and MOST IMPORTANTLY a real feel for your clients or customers and their concerns.

If you are successful. If you are giving your clients a valued service THEN you are ready to write a book.

And it will be invaluable for your clients, your business and your reputation.

I am seeing this so clearly with some of the authors I am publishing. I want to give a special mention to Sally Coombs and her new book The Infertlility Experience and Dr Sue Peacock and her book Sleeping with Pain. Both books display that quiet confidence which comes from really knowing your stuff. Anyone reading them could have complete confidence in the advice given. It’s wonderful to see these two great new authors now moving onto a bigger stage. 

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Posted 361 weeks ago

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