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Give your clients what they ask for

Here’s a simple tip. If your clients want something give it to them. Write about it, make an eBook or a handout or a pdf and send it to all your clients.

When put like that it sounds so obvious. But how many of you do that?

So start by making a list of what your clients or customers are asking for. Over a period of months, even weeks you will begin to see a pattern.

So next identify what the most demands are for. Then make a list of these.

Next decide how best to answer these demands. What type of product would be best? It might be a whole book or it could be a regular newsletter or a new blog. Or perhaps it is a one- off guide which needs good colourful pictures so then a downloadable pdf might do the job.

When you have decided this GET WRITING. Do a draft and then show it to a selection of your clients who have asked for it? Does it do the job. Listen to their feedback. Clients often don’t know exactly what they want until they see it, so don’t get disheartened if they seem unenthused. Use all your questioning skills to find what you have missed.

When you have done this re-write, change, polish until you and more importantly your clients are happy.

Then launch your new product and tell everyone.

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Posted 405 weeks ago

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