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How to keep everyone happy and write a good book

Don’t ignore your networks

The great thing about writing to build your business, whether that is a blog, a book or an article is that you can make contact with your most important contacts at every stage of the process.

You might find it works best to make a list and then look at how each contact can help you.

Here is an example. When you start out with an idea for your next piece of work think about the people you know who know more about this than you, or know about it from a different angle. Contact them, get their take on your subject, pick their brains. Then write up what they say and credit them. When you publish send them a copy of your work and thank them.

Good news all around. You have given them the endorsement of being an expert in the field. You have given them publicity in their chosen field. And you have been able to pass on expert information to your clients. So don’t be shy. Most people who are serious about building their business and strengthening their professional field will love to talk to you.

Keep on doing this and you can build a reputation for being at the centre of knowledge in your field. And that can only be good.


Posted 407 weeks ago

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