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When to get feedback


I come from a background in journalism. For 30 years I spent time in offices where there was a workflow system for words. From an idea to raw copy through editing to sub-editing to proofreading, everything went through the same system. And it worked. Coy got more polished and mistakes were weeded out at every stage.

I can remember as a bolshie 24 year old being told off by an elderly proof-reader for trying to make a big change at her stage. And she was right. Break the system and mistakes creep in. I learned this the hard way and now the system is second nature to me. It is the system I use with authors who work with me and, although it can be restrictive it works, we get books out on time and they are of a high quality.



The first important time is when you start.

Is your basic idea sound? Is it something people want to read?

When you have written your first chapter or sections take more feedback. Does what you are writing make sense? Is it is the style and form that your readers would want?

Once you have taken the feedback carry on and don’t go back. Otherwise you will be changing things when you should be polishing the copy and mistakes will creep in.

And remember you are more than welcome to use the Get Writing group to ask for feedback and ideas.

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